Sexually transmitted diseases or rather STDs are not the kind of diseases that can be ignored. Most of the STDs today do not reveal any obvious symptoms externally, even though they rear through internal illnesses and symptoms showing that an individual has contracted an STD. In regards to this, testing should be done instantly to ascertain that the disease is under control, and the patient gets the proper medicine regimen. Some sexually transmitted diseases can be cured, and while others cannot, they can still be controlled. Ideally, others can be healed all together through various medication types.

Well, if you are under the impression that you might have contracted an STD, you might start to battle over where to be tested or not. The judging of your character and embarrassment that comes with having a sexually transmitted disease can be very stressful, and it can lead to other issues like body image issues and mental health illnesses. To avoid this embarrassment, you can be able to test for STDs right in the privacy of your home without judgment or the stigma that comes with being diagnosed with an STD.

Standard STD testing proves to be tricky as the portion of the sexually transmitted disease detected can only be found through the tests, the reason being most diseases do not show visible signs. Without reasonable causes, most of the doctors won’t conduct STD testing unless you are pregnant, the doctor presumes that the symptoms you show could be a possible STD, or even if you think that you might have contracted an STD from a sexual partner. Most people tend to feel embarrassed, and they become even more reluctant to getting these tests. Well, the home STD testing kits are ideal for these kinds of situations. These kits can be used to detect the mutation of the diseases quickly, and the patient will immediately have the results to get the required medication to treat the condition.

There are numerous home STD testing kits that are very precise in providing 100% accuracy, and they are very easy to utilize. Most of these test kits need a urine sample in a clean plastic container provided in the kit. Once you have the sample, you can send off to the laboratory to be analyzed. Once the lab has finished analyzing the sample you gave them, you’ll have the option of getting these results online or through a simple, quick call in as early as two or three days. Bear in mind that STD tests done in a doctor’s office might not come for up to a week and this might cause worry and panic. However, the tests done in a doctor’s office are similar to those done using home testing kits, and the results are available much sooner. The great thing about this method of STD testing is the fact that it is private and you are the only person who will need to access the results. Depending on the test’s outcome, the lab that delivered the results will contact you and your doctor and have the right medication prescribed.

The over the counter STD testing kits normally have a sterile urine collection cup, with all the directions on how the take the test correctly, how to transport the sample and a prepaid envelope for collecting your sample.

The Testing Method

The first thing you need to do during these tests is to provide a urine sample in the urine collection tube or cup. Once you have collected the sample, you’ll need to reattach the top or the tub and put it in the transport container. The next action is to fill out the appeal form. Bear in mind that the information to be filled should be correct. Once you have done that, you will then have to put the container and the appeal form in the envelope and send it to the lab. The only individual who will know is you, as this test is entirely confidential. The results will never be revealed to people who you don’t wish to be revealed to.

When the lab gets your sample, the technicians then begin testing the specimen. When filling out the required options, you’ll have the option of choosing a single or full sexually transmitted disease screening. The difference between these two is that the single test can only test for one particular form of sexually transmitted diseases. The full screening one will check every possible STD there is. Once the results are in, you’ll be able to get them on the internet. The average turnaround time for the results to be available is usually available between two days and a week. I would suggest not doing this DIY, go to a place such as, std testing Oakland.

So, How Do You Find Out Your Results

Once the results of your sample are revealed. You’ll receive a message notifying you that you’ll be able to access the results online and ideally how to access them. During this time, you’ll sign in using your chosen username and password, and you will immediately have access to your STD test results.

What To Do If You Test Positive For A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Since the wait is worse enough that finding out the results, finding that the tests came out positive can be very heart crushing. As such, it is important that you take, accept the outcome and seek an appropriate course of treatment, to either control or cure the condition. The manufacturer of the test kits can even give you the resources needed to deal with a positive result and the next course of action.
Also, bear in mind that even though most STDs can be found through urine tests, most of the home STD testing kits can’t distinguish various types of STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Genital warts are diagnosed via a physical examination which is carried out by a doctor. Also, some home kits don’t detect hepatitis or HIV and so, if you think you have either of these, it is imperative that you take a blood test from a doctor in order to get the results.